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Whether it's a coworker, vendor, contractor, or a valued client, we are dedicated to providing engineering solutions by identifying and overcoming their barriers, one by one. Our team consists of highly skilled engineers, designers and field technicians. Our strong focus on process engineering and a commitment to understanding stakeholder needs leads to a successful, safe, efficient, and reliable project outcome.
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Removing Barriers.

Our team consists of highly skilled engineers, designers and field technicians. Our strong focus on process engineering and a commitment to understanding stakeholder needs leads to a successful, safe, efficient, and reliable project outcome.
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About JBW

Partners in Your Engineering Journey
At JBW Consulting Engineers, we're more than just engineers; we're architects of your aspirations. Leading the way in the Industrial, Energy, and Infrastructure sectors, we turn every challenge into a stepping stone towards success.
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Why Choose JBW?

Client-Centric Approach

Your vision is our blueprint. We collaborate closely with you at every step, ensuring our solutions not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Expert Team

Our engineers are more than problem solvers – they’re innovators and thinkers, committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Sustainable Solutions

We’re not just building for today. We’re engineering for a better tomorrow, with sustainability at the core of every project.

Safety by Design

Our designs incorporate advanced safety features to mitigate risks and protect everyone involved. We prioritize creating safe and secure environments.

Our Services

Shape the Future of Engineering with JBW

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Here, we list current job openings and internship opportunities, inviting talented individuals and aspiring students to join our dynamic team. At JBW, we foster an environment of innovation, learning, and professional growth, believing that a skilled and passionate team is the key to our collective success. Explore our opportunities and embark on your engineering journey with us!
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Safety Is A Priority With JBW

Over 200,000 man hours worked with zero workdays missed due to injury.
Zero cases of restricted duty or workplace-related illnesses/injuries.
Hundreds of work-related miles driven each year with no reportable incidents.
JBW Employees drive hundreds of work related miles each year with no reportable incidents.
EMR of 0.8, indicating we are 20% better than the industry average for workers' compensation claims.
JBW Employees are provided with any and all PPE required to safely perform their jobs.
Robust safety program maintained by expert safety consultants.
Required Job Safety Analysis forms prior to industrial facility work.

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Engineering Success

One Client At a Time

"At Badger State Ethanol, safety is not an after-thought but in the forefront of all we do. Realizing our plant is coming on twenty years in operation, we needed expertise to audit our plant and help us understand what equipment needed to be updated and enhanced to meet and exceed today’s safety standards. Our partners at JBW did just that. They laid out a multiple program, multiple year review of all systems and what enhancements were recommended. They systematically stuck to the program and communicated and documented our needs along the way. Their knowledge of the enhancements and equipment, along with vendors to help make the modifications were beyond our expectations. Knowing we are doing all we can to ensure safety of the plant and our employees will be the most important return on investment our company can make."
Out of the Engineering firms that I have worked with I can say JBW has ranked the highest in the following categories: Professionalism, Meeting Deadlines, Quality of Work and Communication. JBW makes it clear they have their customers best interest as a #1 priority.
My experiences with JBW Consulting over multiple projects and multiple years have been phenomenal. I have worked with their team covering hazard assessment, structural design, piping design, HVAC, dust collection design, and controls/electrical systems for both industrial and commercial applications. In all categories, they have been professional and provide realistic and accurate solutions. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need.
Some of JBW's strengths are their agility, flexibility, range of disciplines, range of experience, and able to meet a wide range of industry needs.
JBW is easy to contact and maintain communication with. I appreciate their acceptance of input.
JBW has great technical knowledge and responsiveness.
JBW is a good engineering firm with immense focus on the customer. They have great adaptability to the customers and project needs
JBW has a willingness to complete projects and to meet expectations.
JBW is an agile company.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What range of engineering services does JBW offer?

    JBW Consulting Engineers specializes in a wide array of engineering services, encompassing mechanical, structural, electrical, and process engineering. Our expertise extends to project management, design engineering, sustainability consulting, and BIM coordination. Whether you need a comprehensive project plan or specialized engineering solutions, JBW has the expertise to meet your needs.

  • What does "Removing Barriers" mean to JBW?

    JBW exists to Remove Barriers for our clients, partners, and employees. Our clients call us with their problems and we make them our problems. Our partners provide us services because we make it a pleasant and easy experience for them to work with us. Our employees reach new heights personally and professionally because of the opportunities we afford them. We Remove Barriers.

  • Can JBW handle projects in specialized or highly regulated industries?

    Yes, JBW is adept at managing projects in specialized and highly regulated industries. Our team is well-versed in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and adhering to stringent industry standards. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering projects in sectors like healthcare, nuclear energy, manufacturing, and more, where specialized knowledge and compliance are paramount.

  • What makes JBW different from other engineering consulting firms?

    What sets JBW apart is our blend of innovative solutions, technical expertise, and commitment to sustainability. We not only stay abreast of the latest engineering trends and technologies but also integrate sustainable practices into our project methodologies. Our team’s diverse expertise, coupled with a personalized approach to each project, enables us to deliver unique, effective solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

  • How does JBW focus on safety within projects?

    At JBW Consulting Engineers, safety is our top priority in every project. We conduct thorough risk assessments and integrate safety measures from planning to implementation, ensuring compliance with OSHA, NFPA, and other relevant standards. Our designs incorporate advanced safety features, and we use tools like 3D modeling to preemptively address potential hazards. Our team receives ongoing safety training, and we perform regular safety reviews and audits throughout the project lifecycle. This comprehensive approach ensures a safe working environment for both our team and our clients.