Refinery Piping System Redesign

Project Summary

JBW was retained to provide engineering services for a major pipe replacement project. The purpose of the project was to upgrade metallurgy on critical piping circuits to allow for a higher Total Acid Number (TAN) crude to be utilized for production. Due to high temperatures (up to 550 F) pipe stress analysis was required as the thermal coefficient of expansion increased with the change in metallurgy.

JBW started with only existing P&ID’s to work from. With ample site time and hand sketching, we developed nine piping models in Caesar II, starting and ending from either vessels or pumps. Working with extremely low allowable forces on the pumps, JBW ran hundreds of iterations in Caesar II to determine routes that would meet ASME B31.3, API 610, ASME Vii, and fit in existing pipe racks that were already full. Continuous coordination with the pipefitters installing the piping was crucial to produce constructible routes.

Once piping routes were agreed upon by the owner and contractor, JBW generated spool drawings for each circuit. Additionally, JBW designed or specified and created drawings for hundreds of pipe supports that met pipe stress requirements.

All told, there was over 2,000 feet of piping that was analyzed and designed.

Services Provided

Mechanical Engineering
Pipe Stress Analysis
BIM Coordination