Nuclear Waste Facility HVAC & Piping

Project Summary

A US Department of Energy nuclear waste disposal facility required a new storage building HVAC and fan cooling system designed. JBW was hired to create the design for the site construction mechanical contractor. The work was to be completed in a seismic zone with
requirements for operability even after a seismic event. The new installation of ductwork, piping and process equipment was required to meet the design standards and rules of construction for the state and the US government. The design required a detailed knowledge of the hierarchy of the standard documents and specifications to determine controlling features of overlapping concerns for making the installation a robust design. Key relationships between ASCE, ASME, SMACNA and USDOE standards as well as the state building code need to be followed. Resolving the competing rules for piping and supports was a key factor in analyzing for the best methods of installation and operation.

JBW designed the piping and supports throughout the entire facility integrating the new masonry building with new structural components where necessary. The existing facility was scanned in 3 dimensions and computer modeled, then the components were electronically placed within the modeled building. JBW first performed structural analysis in RISA software for all pipe and duct supports and attachments to the building. Then the piping stresses were modeled in Autopipe software and applied back into the structural analysis. Next, an iterative review was performed to verify the stresses and loads were all within the allowable seismic movements. JBW prepared structural plans, mechanical piping plans, mechanical duct plans and BIM tracking of components for the installation. The calculation packages were submitted with the plans to the US Department of Energy to verify compliance with seismic vibration, stress loading and
movement. JBW performed construction support and evaluation during the project ensuring proper installation.

Services Provided

Mechanical Engineering
Pipe Stress Analysis
BIM Coordination