pipe System Redesign

Project Summary

JBW Consulting Engineers was asked to undertake the comprehensive design and layout of interconnection piping systems for a facility. The project aim was to facilitate the construction, installation, and documentation of these systems, preparing for a seamless turnover.

Beginning the project with limited initial resources, JBW utilized existing drawings and specifications to create detailed designs and layouts. Our team was tasked with producing specifications, Bills of Materials (BOM), Integrated Test Plans (ITPs), and isometric fabrication drawings. Emphasis was placed on BIM record management to ensure accuracy and compliance with design and construction standards.

The project, set to kick off immediately, involved rigorous scheduling to ensure all drawings and specifications were completed ahead of the Spring 2023 construction start date. This timeline was critical to allow the facility adequate time for procurement and mobilization. JBW's engineers conducted extensive analyses including mechanical, electrical, and structural assessments to ensure the designs met industry standards such as ASME B31.3 and the operational requirements of high-performance facilities.

Throughout the project, JBW provided continuous support and coordination, ensuring that all designs were feasible for installation within the existing infrastructure and met all required specifications. The deliverables included not only the piping designs but also the necessary support structures, all integrated into the detailed plant layout drawings for over 2,000 feet of piping.

JBW's comprehensive approach from initial design to final delivery ensured the project's alignment with operational needs and schedule, setting a foundation for efficient and successful installation.

Services Provided

Mechanical Engineering
Pipe Stress Analysis
BIM Coordination