Recycling Line

Project Summary

JBW Consulting Engineers was retained to provide comprehensive engineering services aimed at integrating a new NGR S-GRAN 125 V HD re-pelletizer machine into an existing warehouse area. The objective of this project was to optimize the warehouse layout to enhance future traffic flow, accommodate new storage arrangements, and ensure the new equipment is strategically positioned to support effective plant operations.

The installation of the NGR equipment necessitates several plant utility connections including compressed air, process chillwater, potable water, process exhaust, and pneumatic resin convey piping. Additionally, a new roll unwind table was installed to facilitate the feeding of multiple rolls into the re-pelletizer.

Starting from the existing P&ID’s, JBW undertook detailed planning and design. This included the development of multiple piping models in Caesar II, focusing on low allowable forces on pumps and ensuring routes meet rigorous standards such as ASME B31.3 and API 610. Special considerations included the potential integration of a resin transfer system using existing bins, accommodation for future automated material handling systems, and necessary provisions for dust control and operator access.

Upon finalizing piping routes, JBW produced spool drawings for each circuit and design or specify numerous pipe supports that align with the project’s mechanical and structural requirements. The deliverables encompassed over 2,000 feet of analyzed and designed piping, ensuring a robust setup for Pregis’s operational needs.

Throughout this project, JBW maintained close coordination with all stakeholders, including continuous on-site engagements with pipefitters to confirm constructibility and adjust plans as required. This approach ensureed that all solutions are tailored to meet specific needs while adhering to the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and operational functionality.

Services Provided

Traffic Flow and Space Planning
Utility Handling Design
Table Machine Design