3D Modeling

A simple 2D general arrangement can paint a picture of the project concept. A 3D general arrangement or isometric can better help explain your project to those involved. Utilizing the leading industry software, JBW Consulting Engineers provides everything from simple layout to complex equipment modeling.

We provide detailed layouts for construction as well, while still supplying the 3D visuals and representations. Examples of our work include wood mill layouts, piping / pumping / vessel layouts, and more.

We specialize in working with 3D point clouds to accurately model existing equipment and for fitting new equipment into crowded spaces. We perform scans at your facility to aid us in design. This method greatly reduces change orders and oversights during construction. 

Building Information Management (BIM)

As 3D modeling becomes the standard in today’s engineering and design space, we’ve taken it a step further. We provide models that go beyond the visual, and contain important equipment and facility information all in one place. Imagine converting the information stored in hundreds of documents into one, simple-to-access model or drawing set. It’s also easy to modify if your facility goes through changes.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and our customizable systems. We’re confident we can design a creative solution to match your vision.