Functional Design

Pumping and piping systems are never as simple as they appear. Many codes and standards dictate how we design and install these systems. We strive to make sure operators and maintainers can easily perform their jobs for years to come. Whether we are designing a system for oil, natural gas, mining slurry, or any other product our process is consistent allowing us to excel:

Operational / Process Design

A proper flow sheet and P&ID will go a long way towards operational success and minimal maintenance. This is also where we define operating conditions including temperatures, pressures, and flows, and select pumps based on our hydraulic analysis.

Piping General Arrangement 

Pipe Stress Analysis

Our team is well-versed in several software packages, including Plant 3D and Revit, that help us with general arrangement drawings. We excel at working with 3D laser scans to nail down precise routes to minimize field changes. From these drawings we can create accurate isometrics for contractors to use for fabrication.

Pipe Stress Analysis

JBW performs pipe stress/flexibility analysis for new or existing piping systems per the  ASME B31 codes. We extend our analysis to closely consider connected equipment allowable forces and moments improving reliability. Our software of choice is Caesar II.

Pumping Analysis

We design your new pumping system performing hydraulic calculations to optimize the pump for specified operational cases. JBW utilizes Pipe-Flo for our hydraulic analysis, which excels at quickly exploring different options for piping systems and operating scenarios without getting paralysis-by-analysis.

Our team has experience analyzing pumps that are bad actors and recommending and designing solutions. Our goal is to maximize your equipment availability and profit.

Pipe Supports

It’s surprising how often a standard pipe support doesn’t do the trick. We have experience with custom pipe support designs that can allow for movement or thermal growth, reduce vibration, or reduce movements induced on equipment. 

Busy pipe racks? We have experience coordinating with point clouds and contractors to determine feasible routes.